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Why The US Navy Purchased The USS Gerald R. Ford: The Advantages And Disadvantages

An interview with Captain Jerry Hendrix

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USS Joe Ford at fifteen billion dollars of very expensive weapon for the twenty first century there will be more to follow however you make the case that it is not all about the ship this is a platform this is a carrier of aircraft it's also about the air wing how those two things go together. Is to go together seamlessly the of the super carrier thousand foot no ninety two hundred thousand time period it was invented afterward to was invented for one purpose was was to carry a larger when because while long distance to do the trick missions against the Soviet Union we flash forward now in almost sixty sixty five years and we have a very large carrier this carrying a lot less airplanes were down from nine year point for wind down to about sixty-five, the airplanes themselves and gone from an average ranger walls twelve hundred miles of price of the Cold War down to about four hundred and ninety miles today and so we've essentially you know we bought an increasingly expensive platform for his nearly three times the cost of its predecessor the minutes class. But quite frankly has gotten much more bullet so we we've got a really expensive Don very she bullet this not effective of the boat we used to bar