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Earth and Environment

Wild Tigers On The Rise: There's Room For Improvement, But Here's Some Good News For Big Cats

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Mark Wilson
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First gay there is more wild Tigers now then there word before in fact the Wine Gold to Tiger population is Rising for the first time in a hundred years the current count I think this is probably more of an estimate about four thousand Y old Tigers Rolling around The Forest all over the world will not all over the world but all the way from Russia to Vietnam and though I think it loose five or six years ago there were only about three thousand so it's going in the right direction now they have they caught up to where they were good years ago No in nineteen hundred there were more than a hundred thousand while Tigers running around so were nowhere near that but at least though the numbers going up instead of down and I actually have a tally my country so what country as the most Sgt while Tigers running around rush with over four hundred in thirty while Tigers and does the country with the Leafs and Voting yeah we're role why old Tigers people it's not really that there are more of them it's just that we're getting better at counting them because the serve a methods are improving their including more area as but in any event it's good news in the other thing is that really for the first time ever there is a video footage of these while Tigers now with you can not go traipsing through The Forest with your IPhone on trying to catch Tigers they don't like that so what they did is they went out and put Lazar triggered cameras so then the Tigers walked by they don't know what's going on they don't know they're on camera and apparently there's all this footage of Tigers behaving naturally which is what we like to see because you know when we put Tigers on these reality shows although they always they always played in a camera it's no good let's get into this right now Moby Dick is a fake way all inspired by a real way at all.