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4 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe In Winter 

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Christopher Furlong
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Call Ben County won a copy and it is yours I mean we're talking about different you know different things are just talk about Adoption again just there but I want you know winters upon us and what are some of the tips you can get people in terms of their pets and winter because the wintertime could be a bad and all most hazardous some aspect for some pets it definitely can end and those are some of the tips weekly operandi Block Leads Leaf currently layout hazards of winter hazards the Thunder has just the holidays I'm with Carey is a lot of people don't realize certain things like anti free youth which allowed people but their current the Bills over it it it laid on the pavement and a great tend to be tweet though and it very toxic to animals so that's the kind of thing that is out there that people if it does Bill they need to clean it up make sure they're animals don't get into a cap toward the I am certain other things like there's certain winter plants around the holidays Tomlin said the red one time forgetting now with again I'm so turned things that we just don't even really think about him and some of our decoration the ten golf stuff like that com can be dangerous others took the thing with our like rock up can be can hurt Pas at that had done their feet other offered the thing once again the number to call was eight four four three zero five seventy eight hundred that's eight four four three zero five seven eight zero zero call right now you get a copy of the book and again it's eight four four three of five seventy eight hundred when you think about one what I allow our and what you want to give you know I'm probably a little more permited with my animal than I would like to admit it but we all are comp but if you have a real like Kurt under some real explanation about how bad two I'm curb bad.