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Oprah Loses More Than Expected As Weight Watchers Stock Crashes 66 Percent

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Kevin Winter
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Ryan the headline from usa today a hundred and seventeen million dollars go on four per loses more than wait well this is recently this is this is recently yeah this is like this stuck on the weight watcher stock i guess plummeted the goal in an before you could say gael keying she lost a hundred and seventeen million dollars they're the shares of the company have crashed sixteen six percent from there high in a body year ago sixty six occurred after all what is all about i thought they were doing really well the camino three policing at ceo on tuesday no it's a big shakeup not getting with the program they're not getting with the program when told brown su city thing about this or is it and we got to go through the ups and downs and maybe it will it will have every surgeries has been very successful on the program yeah so there down the shares away watchers are down another sixty eight cents on yeah on tuesday obviously i don't know if the market it's are open now not yet and but holy crap that's how scary now look let's put this in perspective on that slight but twenty dollars to us i mean you know missing left in their pants when she put them in the drier i mean that's it's bs that's pocket change for o brought but still you've got to play one game you've got to pitch huertas but wow that's still a lot of money i don't care who you are on that hasta her a good i hate other than the new ceo i i just i don't know the program i'm not won weight watchers i should be bam not i don't know if it's change that much in i thought both breaux was really kind is a minute so you know i love radim maybe not those commercials are very compelling layover in one one says i like t pizza not that but i did rodgers did you do it watching and i have done we watch.