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Listen: "Kobe Bryant making his final All-Star Game appearance"

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Kevin C. Cox
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Always at the bottom of the our here on this Valentine stays Sunday video half-hour left to play with TOP FOR THE up there right now here iOS Rich Ackerman <silence> <silence> which led to him a All-Star Game camps All-Star Weekend tonight the theme of this weekend has mostly been about Kobe Bryant making his final All-Star Game appearance Bryant is an All-Star the eighteenth straight year Al Horford received his selection late when Chris Bosh pulled out Friday in the was thrilled even if it didn't cause some hectic moments now the call this was the with my wife we have to go get it together so we had dollars though Rivera said all while he got in a round two in the morning here I am horford is appearing in the game for the fourth time in his career college basketball today on Valentine is a Denzel Valentine has eight points and four assists thus far but he's right Michigan State at home currently trails Indiana thirty one to twenty three games you can watch on CBS today also right now in the first half North Carolina in front of Pittsburgh by scored twenty three to seventeen fourth-ranked Iowa is coming off a loss of Indiana earlier in the week and will host Minnesota tonight Hawkeyes head coach friend McCaffrey said they have to be accountable for that sit back and put a behind him quickly here so to the guys are us with themselves as to things are they for the Thunder.