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Listen: "The Spurs know how to slow down Steph Curry, how to slow down Klay Thompson"

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Ezra Shaw
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I think to the final four games for both teams are against each other and I think because of The Warriors keep him winning ways they're going to have home to an home court advantage in if there to have the Home Court Advantage so there's no real purpose and in The Warriors or in the Spurrier's you know really putting fourth an effort it could possibly get themselves hurt or could give away any type of advantage any type of adjustment that they might have Gregg Popovich occur might have up their sleeves so it's it's it's it kept it gave life to the rest of the season but the Spurs one but the fact that they lost tonight and The Warriors one tonight it's almost as if though they gave did happen the only way only way that that hurt that helped is that now The win spurs know how to slow down Steph Curry how to slow down clay Thompson really get physical and I think a lot of older the older players you know we're we're very happy I as their Thomas's in was it after Robinson yeah our rush saying I told you that should you have to guess how old school basketball was playing eight what was played and that's why and they only gave a night a real point of view of their that makes sets now because the fact that they are because away the waited they how poorly they performed under the pressure that that's the Spurs put on a less West this past weekend it's it's great I mean look at that to measly real storyline in basketball right now Spurs an or Warriors and to have the Spurs be able to come back after that thirty point last you know a month ago they're in the same leak the question is can they get a road win because it looks like they're gonna have to go.