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Tom Brady - Super Bowl LI

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Broadcast Center in Spring Garden mostly cloudy skies going to thirty two overnight it's an interview airing before the Super Bowl Sunday on Fox news president Trump faced Bill O'Reilly, expect who, I do respect and why, well I respect a lot of people, and on Sunday morning on C.B.S. is face the nation Governor Chris Christie answered questions about that common in person Trump's relationship with Russian leader Vladimir pollutants he would at least Kristen Johansen reports during his Presidential Campaign of the primaries Chris Christie said America must be the quote strongest moral power for but as good in what is right in the world and repeated that sentiment on see, abs face the nation America is the more a leader of the world host John Dickerson Dan ask received the president's comments about Russian leader Vladimir proving I know killer represents that same moral tone Jonathan odd on the pressure for fifteen years and I know exactly what he meant by those comets he believes that the leaders of countries deserve to get treated with respect, he wants retreated respect around the world and he believes viber crew should be Christie continued saying that Trump's respect for potent would interfere with the policy are the future of the United States and said dialogue in between the countries would make first safer world Christine Joe Hanson K by WWJ News Radio of officials across the United States is still urging people get there flew that. Seems as the virus continues to spread in forty states in Puerto Rico, and as but associated with fifteen pediatric death seven of them reported in the Weekend in January twenty-eighth the latest reports from the center's for disease control and prevention says over twelve thousand cases of influence a have been reported across the country, fifty-one a fifty for us states in territories are experiencing elevated levels of flu and flu-like illnesses flew activity is hard to extremely high in fifteen regions New Jersey Kansas Missouri Oklahoma Pennsylvania New York in South Carolina rank is the state's with the highest levels of flu and flu-like illnesses, is Bill Michael's Washington, sponsored by Bank wrong, rebounds recover, we can, here's Lauren lifted, when you planted trip most people going to be in our net to check out what a city offers well people visiting Philadelphia wanted to know any number of thanks, what a alright the best things to do with kids what are that most book Philadelphia restaurants visit Philly see E L marijuana but sweater this special events and festivals so we have the Liberty BAL the Barnes the Philadelphia Museum of our tiebreaking terminal and much more but we also have to the number, line, which that seven hundred thirty thousand page views, we want to see the list of the top ten three flank Philadelphia, him, no I m that, others have drive, and even people who tried to make them it has to be in Philly. 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The left wing close there are no issues on these downside southbound on the Northeast extension construction has the left-wing close between, Baker town and made county, no problems as you make you if you that airy either and I the direction of NE extension, also in both directions a four twenty-two between were twenty-three and two oh two left lane close, of some construction in that area no problem, yeah ninety five by to express voice Google is cleared the problem for seventy sixth the Blue Boulevard looking good, the issues right now in any of the every which is mass transit is running on the toe schedule your next update in less than ten minutes, I'm Brian Robinson to work financial pretty forty frown chips in, , men expresses open eight eight everyday their full medical team we're helping part ways with that cause virus por flew just walk into one of their warm welcoming centers to get the care you need to know appointment necessary met expressed urgent care, this is Morey Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much more yes one Geico could help you rack up more move the faster than you can say met a more versus they've also been the fastest growing auto insurance for more than ten years, that's more like it furthermore Geico has fast and friendly claim service that might seem like an oxymoron, but it's not, all the more reason to say no other auto unsure has more more than Geico Geico expect great savings on a whole lot more. it's a new day, fresh start because great host Network, now, spectrum me defining the cable company can be crystal clear each de picture, faster internet speech, and over ninety thousand, he's working hard every day to earn your business, welcome to Americans fastest growing T.V. internet and fleece provide, welcome to spectrum, restrictions apply, click the banner to learn, , I witnessed weather forecast overnight partly cloudy and surely with a low thirty-two degrees, monday mostly sunny unpleasant high forty seven Tuesday Clowney mild with periods of rain I fifty-five, Wednesday at early morning shower than partly sunny in breezy with a high of fifty nine showers will redevelop the night with a possible snow mix, thursday gradual clearing much colder high forty Friday sunny cold with I've thirty eight degrees, at the C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden mostly cloudy skies going to thirty two overnight, , Richard forty is at the editor's desk, get the news at this hour after support team cracks were founded, couple cars SEPT announces that, about a third of the market Frankfurt el fleet, pulled out of service starting Monday morning for inspection, help with the morning in Russia set the plans on adding shuttle bus, when okay why W sports here's Jon Johnson, the new champion was grounded used in in first in Superbowl history Edelman emotion with that, to point what's inside, makes the, they've made, in in the goal in West would one-on-one W y de the New England Patriots down twenty eight to three came back to force overtime and beat the Atlanta Falcons thirty four to. Twenty-eight fifth Lombardi for Bill ballot second Tom Brady was named _M_V_P, there are a lot of players that, you know, no socks about you never know which play it's going to be in the Super Bowl win, it was like thirty of I'm tonight at any if any one of those of been different outcome could've been there for Brady forty three of sixty two for four hundred and sixty six yards two touchdowns and an interception college basketball temple is now one three of four following a victory over us F. for all the details familia course center is the White abuse at Bank of, jumped out the league in Atlanta when autumn leaves out art again the reins seventy for the AL's led by XM I just want to seven of the second half was out for the both within nine before temple what the game waited for Drumline wide receiver the game last onboard his job , well the Aus also went, team for nineteen of the free throw line, and I'm going to lead the way with twenty-eight points temple wins for the third time in our, teams Teams out for netting raise seventy four, luckily of course Anaheim at nine him, why W News Radio, the Flyers in Sixers return actually Monday eating looking to rebound following a shutout loss to the Kings Saturday afternoon Flyers resume their home stand against the Blues at seven o'clock Sixers have yet to record a win three games into their four-game road trip which will come to a close at seven thirty in Detroit to well in beat will miss his sixth consecutive game due to a bone bruise on his left knee. Sports radio ninety four WWI P I'm Jon Johnson for Kei whatever you News Radio like to John of that's done doing ugly Newsradio as the N.F.L. reports concussions we're down in two thousand sixteen three former Pro Bowlers pledged to donate their brains to science after they die I'm John stolen, why, hundreds more in Texas in season you wireless Bill introducing TD mobile one now attacks in, included get for alliance for forty Bucks super month without okay it's what your family fourteen mobile and you know six hundred dollar prepaid car it's going to refund on the Texans the should pay those other guys last year, Don't wait visited to mobile store, three percentage eighty users greater than twenty gig abides per month may notice produce beat sales Texan regulatory fees included affected with that you're just be a quick it MasterCard hard see store for details welcome to Metro PCLs high, hurt you're giving three phones to everybody yes right now everybody get so free phone you and your friends Cousins neighbor screwed if I'm not ready with retro PCLs yeah has for existing customers new customers people name clearly not voters that's also everyone gets a free phone at matchup easy yes come choose your select free phone from friends like Samsung and algae matchup, yes wireless figured out, steps on the phone three after it's a mailing readings great you may apply excludes numbers of team up with the store for details terms Conditions. Results may very, This is Broadcast Center in Spring Garden mostly cloudy skies, going to thirty-two overnight, on Monday mostly sunny unpleasant with a high of forty seven Tuesday of the cloud smiled periods of rain a high of fifty five wins, the morning shower and a high fifty, grizzlies, the concussion legacy Foundation announced today that thirty new former N.F.L. players including three Pro Bowlers have pledged their brains to research, as part of the first frame pledge month which will run through February thirty new former N.F.L. players including former three time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Randy cross three time Pro Bowl guard Keith Sims and former Pro Bowl cornerback Sean Springs, made that pledge, which was announced by the concussion legacy Foundation the group has engaged in their first brain pledge month which will run through out February and encourages athletes to help contribute to learning more about chronic traumatic encephalopathy or see TV, brain pledge month isn't solely focused on football however it's goal is to gain donations from other sports like soccer I saw key look cross and rugby among others, I'm John stalled, children with Autism are more likely to have guest joining tester no issues than a child not on the spectrum key what W's Lynn Atkins reports if your child has an Autism spectrum disorder his three and a half times more likely to had gee I problems according to a report from the center's for disease control, Doctor Amanda Bennett a developmental behavioral PG attrition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia says the issues generally involved constant patient or diaria I think for them to hit especially when we're looking it constitution or diary and and then. Route election can play a role and it the type that down lift with that they're having and thumb talking with Dr. complexion Dirk Koetter are more selective about the take the food that they get ceases that there are no says a goal reasons for the issues families are given strategies to take including dietary changes and over the counter medications let add chins K, why W News Radio, there are signs that the election of Donald Trump may not even increase in political involvement, among those signs a recent surgeon interest in Philadelphia selection system, they would only city all Bureau Chief had no reports hundreds of Philadelphia's are exploring a run for the most basic city office political action group Philly three-point oh recently held a workshop on how to run for committee percent it's sold out in three days study added another that like filled out to we were obviously like astounded by the response eee oh alley, roman attributes it to the November election results it was such a per family surprising moment the shock was a catalyst and I was kind of find a way That was certainly the case for brand the bone to attend at the workshop but even more she was angry about, and I knew, be a part of, with the Democratic Party value, are there are more than six thousand committee seats in Philadelphia many of them vacant if you are interested go to fill up three dash. Oh dot org Pat lo que I W News Radio, jay way W news time one twenty-two, after traffic and transit on the twos, the Border don't have been, year in quiet conditions for you as you make you way throughout the area starting off on the Majors in South Jersey you won't see any issues on the New Jersey turnpike, going stay Park ways clear and no issues and I the direction of the seeing suppress way, forty-two fifty-five into ninety five are also looking good right now in both directions, you know see any issues on any of the area bridges with a reminder though that the New Jersey be a term by connector bridge remains closed, on so at least the promo so we could be updated with that ninety five scoop why should expressway, are in good shape there is some construction on the west bound side the teacher bite between door valuable of growth that has a left plainclothes, and also the Selke on Sunday with the sixth tension between pretended county is good Left-wing close their neither this calls into a, history as a running on a cliff the schedule on Brian Robinson financial pretty twenty ground Jackson, , three meteorologist Laurie Casey overnight partly cloudy and Chili with a low of thirty-two degrees, on Monday mostly sunny unpleasant a high temperature of forty seven or mile by Tuesday but cloudy with periods of rain Balon high temperature and fifty-five Wednesday an early morning shower is possible then partly sunny breezy a high temperature at fifty nine degrees. Hours do redevelop as we head into Wednesday night could possibly mix wasn't Snell fall Thursday at much colder day in store gradual Cleary with a high temperature NYR forty degrees and cold on Friday bright sunshine but a high only of thirty eight download Eyewitness weather out for updates any time search can wide to be whether in the I'm store or on Google Play and it's a C.B.S. Broadcast Center in Spring Garden most the, the sky's going to thirty two over nights and the opening weeks of the new session of the Pennsylvania legislature lawmakers a reopening debate on issues that were hotly contested in their previous two year session, he why W Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo reports, the Senate Committee last week advanced legislation to stop government collection of any portion of public sector union dues intended to be used for political purposes the debate was familiar with suburban Democrat Taillon Leetch saying the measures part of a national movement part of a whole movement to reduce the power of workers me wow Republicans like state government committee chairman Mike fall, we're saying it's about good government we need stronger and thicker walls of separation of political action money's but the paycheck measures just one of several Bills it reignite debate in the new session on issues including sanctuary cities abortion, and the stature limitations in child sex abuse cases meanwhile Governor both makes his budgeted rest Tuesday, you Harrisburg Tony Romeo okay why W News Radio.