Listen: "A noted Basketball Insiders warning"

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It you know men get horny coyotes then the thing of Live we'll listen it is the lowest on FoxSports radio well we have four motions Big Bad winner man we are either we've likeness and dark and hungry Hornet board for much of the reservation mom I was on with you from chart well a noted Basketball Insiders warning NBA stars the wealthy NBA players president guys that are married you are the target for the hustle and you have a target a black email they would like to steal your money that you're while it's your jewelry even your play stations all of it and if not there trying this is a from now in what would've or Moore I never really afford by she still active Alisa an whose it'd golf film actress you give me a former adult film star somehow well you know that you can't moment sometimes some young people just yearned as the when their young guy and Young in beautiful that they work in that business and maybe worked their way through college etc than they stop but she she claims memphis is completely scientific that twenty-five percent of NBA players according to Lisa in twenty-five percent of players to faced Blackmon your thoughts oh I would make sense first of all the make a lot of money second well they have a lot of secrets you you know that I have covered the envy of Big Bad over the years even travel with the Lakers back in the day add those and there's a lot Ryan OF Audi's waiting some of them awaiting for some in particular some arm of some of them are waiting for anyone any tall guy to walk out of the locker room and maybe pick them pick me pick me pick me it's like job there's a hole human tender waiting it yes you have his white White you know that Williams brown was waiting outside every and be a locker there's no swiping requires minute not the team needs saying he would know you work these places that the Nuti Bart time now see place most common before the black male because they would take your credit card information and there were some people that come at you some stuff with that mess around with you so that's what they claim that would be only St. that is an at that should be another affects series I would be a behind the seat may be eight we all that would be like in good age yes another are a Roxanne what's that show the Roxanne on its be of that brought back for second season Glazers and then you know show I almost always cold ballers they can do a spin off NBA.