Listen: "Not to mention he's not even proven as a quarterback yet"

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Joe Robbins
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You guys are greedy and I do you hope is Browns granted your defending him that your team keeps them but that's probably unlikely he cared a wish I wish board not to mention he's not improve another quarterback yet exactly what it the dime to prove that he can be a viable winning starting quarterback in the NFL exactly what the tide lose the starting job four times four times in two years add it all radio what is your waist was going to command they'll good for you what did here wish list your new year's resolution for your NFL team as we close in on the start of the NFL New Year add it all radio also on our Facebook page worth some of your post there I know they like defend messages on Facebook and wall year on Facebook please poster question for ask me anything it's our home show staple so got home show the NFL New Year championship weighed in college basketball I had no idea that Tuesday was International Women's Dana.