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This Weekend In The NFL - September 24, 2016

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Nick Laham
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So minoso radio preserving its one of the nfl's was one for the ages last sunday let's see with the league has in store for us and our second weekend of action first up resume italy afc what we've hundred rematch of last year's wild card round the kansas city chiefs will once again had deep into the heart of texas with all find themselves going toe to toe with the houston texans on sunday afternoon texans head coach bill o brien with different team different players at just about many positions especially on offense so you have to take a peek at what happened last year you have to study it you have to make sure you fix that these games are harder early in the season cause you not really sure about the identity of either team yet so will work hard to put together a good game plan next up in a game that's been brewing ever since last year's smash wealth playoff game the cincinnati bengals will look for revenge when they visit the arch rival pittsburgh steelers and the an friendly confines of heinz field on sunday afternoon steelers head coach mike tomlin and my pants here in experiences way into the anticipation but that won't be our concern this week and preparation we'll focus with this group on on their groove this time around eleven let pass history be passes bring funneling it's an old school nfc east with the dallas cowboys unheard coach jason garrett to their game on the road up the fed ex field and landover maryland where they will square off against their most hated rivals the washington redskins cowboys head coach indiana tend to work jared dudley analyze the game identify what we did well in trying to build on that clean up the stuff that we got.