Listen: "The Bruins couldn't pick a corner when they had wide open nets"

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Bruce Bennett
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The Bruins couldn't take a quarter when they had wide open Mets likely gone back to that rebound opportunity bless Key had midway through the third that was agree just as we're all the odd man rushes breakaways they had in that first period like Nick make something happen with those opportunities and never let New Jersey off the mat instead they gave New Jersey a power play goal they played from in front the only thing the Devils do well is when they get in front one nothing or what have you they score first the only thing they do well as check the lead and the Bruins let him play from in front last night they couldn't beat a backup and next thing you know the only reason they are not temper carries play opposition and we're not in full on panic mode here in the City Of Boston it's because the Red Wings may actually be worse and collapsed just as bad against Montreal last night at the Bell Centre six one seven seven seven nine zero ninety-eight five amid talk your phone calls.