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Listen: "The Cardinals got their run in the ninth inning"

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Leon Halip
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Everybody the Pirates you know what to muster remember The Cardinals clinching that NL Central title on their home field last year get the Pirates coming up big on the red birds with a little pay back Opening Day this many recap sponsored by is your door striking out it's time to call Overhead Door Company of Saint Louis the junior won the original here's John Rooney whether record and I'm John Rooney in Pittsburgh yesterday the Pirates were two of the second one on the six one in the eighth The Cardinals got their run in the ninth inning and Pittsburgh won Opening Day four to one Francisco Liriano over Adam Wainwright and Liriano was able to go six with giving up a run were Wainwright a bad a little bit and gave up three Adam got better as the game progressed to look like he had issues with his curveball the early going the Wainwright settle down gave his team a chance to one The Cardinals did score run late but there wasn't enough off Anson Francisco Liriano was very good to great teams going out at the Pirates in The Cardinals have been the best teams in baseball over the last three years and they both pitched.