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Listen: "Let's get to the thing that hangs over all of us we don't know what's going to happen now and the convention"

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Chip Somodevilla
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She's in a position at let's get to the thing that hangs over all of us we don't know what's going to happen between now and the convention and I want to tighten the timeline here because we keep getting these strange I don't know what they are sometimes you thank they were Leake sometimes it looks official when it's a US government official about the investigation the hombro server is about the story bill it's not really about her positions towards Jets Senator Sanders who is in an unusual bit but it's it's about it it's about what we don't know that the F.B._I in the Department of Justice are going to do when it and makes everybody hang back not to get too excited about really figure this way it's like a four-game eclipsing overhead but they don't really know the sore there are other was we don't know if an indictment couldn't come down we don't know if the Obama Justin are we would pursue legal proceedings against yourself it as a tall holding are threats if you will but you know what I don't understand it hurts when they were talk about her you know wanting to kill cracking his Goforth he doesn't have to do the things that are point she's going to cruised to the nomination I don't understand why she have to pantry so hard to the left of the pointed she that paranoid a better chances we're going to She that worried about the Democratic terminal come the fall I think they look the polls may be the turnaround their worried about Democrats coming back to her in November you know that it great point don't she didn't have to do that she doesn't have to do that coach is going to win going away anyway Simmons has not in jail stuff yet it's a great park I try had one more thing the Republican party whoever the candidate it's OK Ivan endorsed anybody that's very clear though I like Thompson not got but that's the point they're they're kind lows tax Scott's.