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Listen: "When you're running for president you're doing for anything"

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Chip Somodevilla
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Parise would start to roll you know that how many people would turn away when you're running for president you're doing for anything you know what it's all a Sale and so hockey yourselves something well number one you educate which is not what we want number to you tell me what I wanna hear you make it easy for me to buy and if I wanna hear or with the only things are worth for me is platitudes and rallies in the case of Republicans attacking old Mama and know what turned his mind you just attacking Obama by the yet to hear an alternative to Obama care giving hated when I want to be here yet have been line the connected bill handle we've been warnings It's sick I am forty so when whether from K applies Floyd chance to go a defender store maybe even a shower two for the balance we live Empire lows for the overnight hours forty some fifties cloudy again tomorrow maybe a lingering chance of showers for the IP.