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Listen: "I don't know who they hired, I guess it was probably Google Maps or Apple match"

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Mark Wilson
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I'm so he was a here in the states the other day who had a joint press conference with President Obama and it gave part of his speech in French you know he wants to stay prime minister and that's what you have to do if you're Canadian because if you want any of a kid they caught to ever vote for you ever again when you have to come to do that so he did and a problem is that ABC decided to carry the conference and I don't know who they hired I guess it was probably Google Maps or Apple match to do the translation they probably should all but one of the translator services but they didn't and so for part of this speech the caption Ing up under they've under the picture of Justin Trudeau read it is Follows he estimates quote from fishing bold as a expanded to include merit time transport whiff and that's with the have also decided to make a board that both more opened and will say eight by agreeing zero three two clearing now if Foreurs I know that's what he said it could conceivably because I guess said I don't speak it I know zero don't even know restaurant French so maybe I don't know why Justin Trudeau would say anything like that but as a unit can you could improve by me that he said anything other than Matt however they Canadians and anybody who does speak French I know Mason making merciless fun of us because we so badly botched of the translation we'll put the article by his feet has the entire thing and hope of the article up on our Facebook page for you a Facebook dot com slash away radio show there's more to it then even just that by the way and it's all hilarious so in case you ever wanted to just laugh or the fact that we can speak anything other than English and even if that is specially will be trying right it in a text or online anywhere is somewhat debatable then by all means check it out it Facebook dot come.