Listen: They off-season is gonna be interesting for the Rams and when he

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Donald Miralle
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They off-season is gonna be interesting for the Rams and when he comes the quarterbacks in their you have case can you have Nick falls you have shown many and but I through this question of the Mike labeled a Chris raving earlier this week do you take a chance on RG three-year Collin Kapur Nick after their if they're dropped you take a chance on put Kapur Nick as maybe a competition for a starting role here He just needs a change of scenery maybe he comes in and changes the saw fans I don't know but there's no doubt that you have to find some type of way to fix they offer ends for this Rams club band if they win Sunday they go five hundred there's some improvements that will be taken into consideration for the team again Todd Gurley is doubtful Jeff Fisher announced today so the Rams will have to try and get back the 500 without Todd Gurley on the field who in my opinion will be yeah NFL rookie of the year for the way he has played this season and Aaron Donald defensive player of the year in NFL a lot of things to be positive about the the same Louis Rams club but they're still those few areas of a quarterback a solid offensive line and a play making wide receiver that the Rams need to hone in on this off season that's gonna do upper us on tonight's Dave's in clearly did aboard sports open line thanks for joining us tonight.