WWII Vet Recalls How The USS Northampton Was Struck By Two Torpedoes

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U.S. Navy
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things were flying around ever, , in, including the man material in, showcases and boxes of those veterans, this and we did no sooner, I've gotten that until another shot, and with second own I guess, yes, game Night under me, and exploded, actually, , opposite side we got more The Forest relief than the side that it is for some reason you never know which way that forces going to go the shift started to list and it was on fire and I am on if you'd from, revealing engine things of that short, that, when we were listing so badly and we were pumping water, this , on the butter just that actually if we were pumping the very top of them, a lot of which was all else and we were actually flopping oil on the ice, on the plaintiffs, and we set our ownership phone wins, if putting the fire up witty, those, actually he was feeling it, because we had, but if it should've won or in the water Paul Pierce and they discovered that during the thing, and we come all pumps, but had to fight the fire, minus Earl water funnels, it's early didn't witness any of this because it was no longer on board the ship, by the time i had been completely blown over the side and I was. Swimming, the Suns us, , there was some change things since it happened then, I just went on to slay Will Iowa, the site, ten, and they do should picked me up about a lot better, , , the next, and then I was able to semi for another and maybe man in eye fit for us, if we were on the silent on the division, the P.T. pulled after three clock than expected, they were S.Q., , but in the meantime the, our ship, , Aaron Kurcz didn't their end, , the gone down above, one thirty here, actually you know it was still visible for two or three hours after it were complete this summer along this, during which taking him, time to get one fan of Philips lost one of his best Buddies that night, yes ideas I lost a real good friend in the N.F.L. in by room, we were pretty close-knit group in a Marine and we had forty-three of us aboard chips S.N. that we made, some of the people I haven't been fireman Lionel never forget inch lamest thing was few less than they would handle into the fire, but the Torpedo