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Listen: "Ben Simmons doesn't want to go to school"

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Want to go to school Ben Simmons doesn't want to go to SKOL blame I'm Brady's is a month away from going to the tournament and then as soon as a tournaments over early April is done it would get ready for the and be a being don't isn't but these this the academic side of sports we expressing in basketball we want to ignore it but can you blame a kid like been Simmons has been told into probably a junior in high school and even to the school for one year but he got to and you get a bounce well I mean you can weekend I also think that we're looking at you know and Simmonds you know I think that's the one thing you can be cognizant of you know before we really kind of him going into a certain level is that the number one statistic and you know this that anybody that people want to see at the highest level is awaiting analyze and how I think of the term and started the day Epstein would not be apart this defense and feel the sixty eight while with it was officially playing with fire after what we saw on Saturday at ten a state and the team did not having that player Kevin Potter in the lineup and l es que still won the Knoxville and laid an egg and the que no couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting in the knee and the A's last election process and we really went for the lack of for two days for Hoops junkie with Matt Flynn train and the level of separation between potential sat in a season and potential and white on the cusp of being the brackets is closer than it ever been college basketball so if you're Alicea so he was a whole new in Alabama in any will lead past and it's very without a guy like Kevin Potter you're taking steps hope that back and them to potentially having a chance to go to the until it so yeah there to their cell Lee on the bubble is fifth if they don't make it to the is a double entered with the big even plays in the United Way all playing and I think that that Blake about something to keep an eye on because then you know the STA could have been thing the Madison Square Garden was a good attraction Phillips you whether this week and I think all four yeah your right you're looking at John Ross in I was here CBS Sports basketball analyze you look at the rankings right now and it maybe you'll get indication of the next week or so one seeds are going to be but Villanova Kansas Oklahoma highway North Carolina's I was in this conversation as is Virginia who could do you think over do you see getting the number one seed and really doesn't matter I know it mattered probably less than it has in years to be key I think right now Villanova will get along the knees that thinks Kansas looks like for that same day at all as you know the other number one team but you know it's hard the other two spots Lott if we're junior North Carolina got hot won't be ATP regular season by don't then went on to win the ATP tournaments either one of those seemed to find its bottle one life I just think maintain the lots and turned the potential number once he is savior they hear holds Villanova up on Wednesday night at the sense that they're willing more anticipated games we've seen the new reconfiguration that they said they feel when that game and then go on to win the big you turn that I'm the Musketeers can be into this will be a lot of his era team out there done that it's on nobody's radar that but playing really good basketball that are going.