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Listen: "You have to take some of the things at the NFL tells you with a grain of salt"

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Al Messerschmidt
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And people can't get enough of it but that's where it's you know you have to take some other things at the NFL tells you an says TA an taken with a grain of salt I mean when they go out there and talk about the fact that they care about players health when an they wanna go out there and have 18 games in the regular season on 16 that is gonna further limit the longevity of NFL players career even more so is right now and when you have guys going up their play in Thursday night's short week has led to a bad product for the most part but a bit product but a bed watch i know everything goes out there plays on Thursday night it's not it's it's it's not a good product but even with that being said he can't tell me they care about the players bodies set where they are health was when if their plan on a Sunday all the sun The roller right back three and a half days later four days later playing on Thursday night i've talked a former players have basically tell you that you know after they play on a Sunday physically they don't for probably feel right until the next Friday i took the guys would tell you that you know they have a hard time get out of bed Monday into stay start the feel a little bit better on Wednesday I even a little bit more better on Thursday that start to come around really physically five days later on a Friday South Carolina we go what's Donnie what's going on down they say Hey you know that I'm doing well Donnie our you but I'm alright hey almost first time caller I just wanted to get with his saw Nina been Ole Miss concussion issue sure on i played football knee eighties seventies and eighties A equipment back then was what I was my dad and Roland say worry and pitched in football in Maryland and say Mary scowl mates recently nine hundred fifteen hundred kids every year from 30 years since an because my father opinion fit every piece of equipment home even the equipment getting new we never had a concussion issue and thirty years a lot in these to do a lot of these programs go win in changes thinkers and the helmet some things like Yeah No one should both see improperly we have hindered consumers Johnny right now With no legs and no arms and along with the bird seeds that he has meant a lot metal seat and he has actually what the Springs and no arms in the legs and he plays Ashley all friends and defensive line aide Jim is really good at what he does my dad is essentially 52 with how would say that she had shown you did during their brain I'm not sure I would thing about Sean's but my dad is arching sick kids Pro Football moments in an shown some news i don't think this assumption issue with especially with the smaller did we we've done Mighty Might have fields you know the kids all hit Mary on this fall in their share strains and bite their tongue before they weren't during that put them back Robert there had any and their cheers There's a lot of issues.