Bloody Omaha: WWII Vet Depicts The Horror Of D-Day Landings

Sgt Jack Lloyd describes landing on Omaha beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

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but finally they put in Sunday's, they'll see T., thoughts which had not, extolled intelligent where we're going, twelve, The Warriors over there, lasted about seven harsh, I don't think there was a sound made on that, landing craft nobody talks, Boston, everybody had a Zone, only the fearing, every anxious and so on, we finally got ta, a lot of Beach, , and a heck growth, we knew while we were there, will find it only short, and there were seen so many, people, interviews, killed and so forth my life and it , if somebody should they weren't afraid they worked there, that's a flat, Boyd landed with the sixth Wade, one of his most of vivid memories from deep day as a surreal him age on the beach, I saw the Frenchman ride enough, the coached with a flag is quite a worse and he had a fly, on a hole, he was riding of Beach, one of our , they will shells hit him, all of which left which is didn't stand, portion everything was going, one, to death, particular scene I don't know because, maybe because it was different, we see people fly in here and there man forced back, Ryan with flight was something , it never expect to see a player like that, I'm excited, the most intense fighting of the invasion took place on the beach that came to be known as plenty of him off, we're trying to go down, the beach enough in , edge Roche in France, and a lot of night when we've come back, there's served coming into the short, was tended light pink, it wasn't from died, human sacrifices, and avoid who found out of those charges to road like core of wouldn't from maybe a mile, back into it, Andrews, but France, there was an unexpected obstacle in the fields of France but slowed the allies advanced to a crawl, we had a lot of trouble trying to move quickly, because she couldn't get through the edge Gross, sixty feet high and about two feet sick, latest tone and earth, the through the years, they had grown in grass in their previous impression with couldn't get through, the French used to believe that kept the people spirits other crops, look up our takes from both, maybe where he will spirits I don't know, but the third Armour division battle their way through, the find a we got, to state lows, we couldn't take that and the German should Fullback can live Beach, the stuff every porous occasions, so the cold here Korean, from anyone, and they said it up, one day they, kept us about a quarter of Maatta late, opponent who hoped, it was Woods or so four two in common Fleischmann tanks, after X., they're kinda planes wave after wave after wave performers in Fighters, they said there was over two thousand, a lot of anyone, the pond site low, we see summer planes coming down they've been shot, and here craft the Scot was Black with lacked, finally after, The Raiders overtime, an error, close used to vibrate like a stand there's no wind, from the concussion those bonds, I couldn't imagine, one through shocked like gratified have been a German, after the Ravens over We was told to takes a low, it was like drive in over up, standings, mauled a creators of bonded left, they're Germans are staggering around like fifth in on those, intoxicated, from the concussion, I'm so they don't put up much of resistance, a few could Interstate alone just into center in town, a fit well into a stand there with that baby over one arm, if given us a victory shining, and to me I was, Cup they had, and I saw that now Shewfelt quarters,