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Listen: "It's a rare breed so the great Peyton Manning"

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Christian Petersen
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And obviously Baynes a theme throughout the day I would add this year to cheek that is one of those rare athletes where the mind than the body remains in sync for so long the truth you know and and that's that's Tiger category that's the Michael Jordan category that's the Jeter can't with a lot of the Jeter's at one of the best players in this sport the the clutch nature and alone jeopardy certainly puts Jeter up there it's just that it's a rare breed so the great Peyton Manning no I guess I was about to say no real surprise but let's be guy was saying that he's going to play to have more Idaho you know and I look down you never want to see the legend go but here's it's interesting thing we are meant to this than the break it doesn't really have a signature Super Bowl moment right into the ones bad all the active bet right and even even this last what he was a hundred to four hundred and forty one your that two turnovers they were one of fourteen on third-down if you told me those that something that's a losing quarterback by far but obviously the Broncos defense was second to none the season maybe second to none overall in the history of the game and that's why the openly came away with that with the with the World Championship but I think about his great games his greatest game it was probably the AFC championship game important game but obviously postseason the AFC championship game a twenty thirteen the C's that I was just alluding to We were seventy four percent from warranted George into TDs I guess the New England Patriots that that's the game you point toward say This was take livings iconic moment and that in the postseason obviously they got store in the Super Bowl but that that's the game you point two again just from under what Eastern will carry the entire Peyton Manning press conference here on CBS sportswriter football the forties let's go.