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Listen: "In Chicago, the Bulls had three of their top four scores out, the other was sick"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Which player star with the NBA of the Warriors improving to fifty wanted five eight beat the Heat in Miami one eighteen worked well Steph Curry by the way with forty-two points including a go-ahead three pointer with thirty eight seconds to go in Chicago the Bulls had three of their top four scores out the other was set with Chicago still found a way they struggle for what gentleman before warm found Wright joked to speak with reporters where's your Bulls radio Bulls weak the Wizards Ward One Oh Nine won all four times gives in the torn more each with seventeen points Palka Sano had the flu but still is had a triple-double Penn points fifteen rebounds and nine assists elsewhere Thunder topped the Mavericks won sixteen one oh three Habs one fourteen Ward it's one of three Nuggets over the Clippers eighty seven eighty one Spurs one away Kings Barty to the Pacers beat the next one oh eight one oh five the Raptors topped the tools one fourteen one oh five Pistons won eleven Sixers ninety one The Grizzlies over the Lakers wore twenty-eight for nineteen Karl troops Xavier Knocks off number one goal in over ninety the fray other games Colorado arizona seventy-five seventy two organ seventy six washing State sixty two Texas A M over Mississippi State sixty eight sixty six Notre Dame sixteen are we farce fifty eight Louisville beat Pittsburgh sixty seven sixty North Carolina over Vinci State eighty The sixty eight Wisconsin sixty seven Iowa fifty nine oklahoma over Oklahoma State seventy one forty nine from baseball the more goals and free agent pitcher give a reporter leave rates are restructure two year deal worth twenty-two million dollars rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton to begin the season on the G our after getting stem cell him play where Rich plasma injection in his sore left me team hoping will be able to return early May football Eagles linebacker in the car Ryans and now.