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Here's What Donald Trump Thinks About Europe (And Vice-Versa)

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Aaron P. Bernstein
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Thousand because I have a question for you this morning fall was due to site critical to fill Trump we all I don't think broke that they will endure I don't think that Europe is a safe place now I don't I think there are a lot of problems in Europe that are very very severe week as you know though with lots of the free world has become week nine so easy line to say we all week but news on site thing that he's on Sunday for American visit as an people it's Wendell firearm citizens double Trump says enough to save country what do you make of that what should we did if you want to be regarded as Presenting to terrorism it in particular a hard line No one thing trying piece about the ball out basically he cut it was a point successful business but not having the trust and develop he's looking minus he's Donald Trump so something she says it down one stupid some of am present some of which have been under a minute could locally but run illegally coach for the Triple being a suspect journal says stronger measures he took shot at get title the last time I Mcdonald him and how much some of this much even come into the news it the suspects now by definition suspects what if watching total none of innocent until proven guilty but sometimes even above I can say the Assemble a make a good point said thinking we'll know but we didn't want to confront has he'd done that so if you are teacher who played for the government's grants to Michael Los Cabos goes academies I'd like to hear from you education sector in a key moment has been heckle by teachers over the weekend no changed a than you might think pot a academies when you analyze them really such a bad thing.