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Why Do We Associate Certain Sounds With An Item?

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 with any particular item even from the newly item absolute who we call the sound symbolism any idea used it turns out that some sounds seem to be sub consciously associated with some kind a meanings and it's not really clear why but it's very deep so for example in their to kind of foul front towels that smells like he did that for the congressman from the now and back files stuff like, all the time in the back of the mouth and it turns out that front foul across line which is kind of a general trend hundreds of thousands of languages front Powell tend to be used for words personal thing so you get more things like teeny tiny it seemed it seems a little. And back foul that taken a tendency not a hundred percent across languages lots of words which back files mean big thing so huge and you which and longer and a large these were all words with my back felt in large things instruments among teens so French but he might little thing in Spanish keep go a little thing all have those emails so there's something about the sound in it looks like you know what what happened, sort of an evolutionary we is that small animals make high pitched found sold birds have the high pitched meet an mean a big line that really deep wars and it turns out that friends owls havoc particular high pitched to them men back thousand particular Pistons those are the subconsciously when you hear us. From foul you could but yet you hear a high pitch Yoakam Stickly answer you think instinctively about small thing, talk about they were looking at the maximum yeah you know something other here's here's this great fact about fun back thousand it turns out he's right in front of our eyes look at names first thing that advertisers warrant could be small or been or Krispy what's that crackers Philip a crack her name vs ice cream enticing you wanna be be getting rich and plump