Listen: "But with Peyton Manning there will be a void"

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Ezra Shaw
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Day in and day out for almost twenty years eight seemed to be exact and it impact you can not overstate how strong his impact has been so this is one of those days it happens to leagues you know Michael Jordan step down from NBA there's a void when Wayne Gretzky step down from in its elbows avoided it was no void when Barry Bonds step down despite seven MD Peas because he was Barry Bonds of a was such a villain it didn't matter but with Peyton Manning there will be a void alright it so one of them NEVER misses it then NFL Sunday and has watched the entire landscape Little League almost every day for forty years on Sundays on a football Sundays peyton Manning's departure from that seemed will leave an enormous void because you how good he was You can argue where you want to play some in the you know the pantheon of quarterbacks of which he clearly belongs whether the best full season player ever know we although he wasn't with ease it is Super Bowl before his yes was a Super Bowl ever his showcased nope not before tries it wasn't me one-two but there was never the showcase but every other day in the regular season except for two this year or completely his showcased he dominated we have never seen and active player dominated.