Listen: "The Lakers beat Warriors, one twelve, ninety five Golden State drops to fifty five and six"

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The award prior to heart the NBA with the Lakers before Warriors won twelve ninety five Golden State drops to fifty-five and six Head Coach Steve Kerr said his team just wasn't into it easy to play indiana and if you not ready to play and if he can and we were ready no if zero attention span out there at either end of the floor warriors shot four for thirty from three point range in the game elsewhere in big a Thunder over the box one oh for ninety six yards one Oneida Grizzlies one hundred if he'd over the Sixers one oh three ninety eight of Pistons beat the Blazers one twenty-three one oh three in overtime Nuggets topped the Mavericks won sixteen won fourteen of our Rockets over the Raptors one thirteen one oh seven James Harden forty points fourteen I sense college basketball goal of Florida Gulf Coast Northern Iowa at and fiasco all punched their tickets to the N.C. double eternity now it to the MHL with the Stars and Senators were tied at one one in the firm for him but the plane and win it.