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President Obama Admits Surprise At Trump Victory

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Spencer Platt
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Of a rest and there was been investigations by aren't fb_i leader james call me in fifty states when when donald trump's hearing all this he says it's a time to find out what the hell's going on and band the him muslim immigrants for a while that's sekou a lot of people thought wait a sec had nothing to get city people but is only one group of people getting it's our country and killing us and we see with tapping of france was he was having in belgium and we sit well away in germany and we said that we don't want a part of that and that some of the lack your suggestions so this is the debate and the people of spoken overwhelmingly they have spoken and they should out some sex present and that's exactly what donald trump said he does not present about what is not knowledgeable though i really respect how deferential he's been he does not acknowledged that the people also repeat him in this election effect here's what he said i don't know twenty five minutes ago about their election results suffice via the watching results and i've service i still don't feel responsible for what the present like says or does but i do feel responsibilities present united states to make sure the bark soldier to transition and present to him as was the american people my best friend kate my best ideas about either move the country forward and he does not take responsibility looked is personal proven rating as evidence of that i think it is absolutely his policies what happens is he's a charismatic i people love the fact that every americans president i think he's got a lot of composure is extremely bright i think people like seeing with the white house i do i do i liked i like the fact he's represented by so like what he says what he does that's my problem i wanted to think he's going to go in show eventually muscular side to west i wanted to let him go that that apology should be over we should be moving on but he never got off that who always on our heels always reacting poorly is one operation.