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Listen: "In their first Big East tournament title in twenty-three years"

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Joe Robbins
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Double a bid ZND now some results impact the ball more and shuffle the deck at the top plus which NFL team could be without a star Wide Receiver for the entire year all that comes their way this hour sports are all night ESPN Radio and ESPN app on Chris Maloney we Tippett all off with the Big East championship third ranked Villanova trying to hold on to a likely spot on the top line on ranks eaten Holland search not a Magic did in their first Big East tournament title in twenty-three years arts open up a double-digit lead in the first half forty to twenty-nine seen Hall to break know the storm rackets close in the second half carried them to take it out he started by Archie the act enough Whitehead now drive with a minute said the good we're going to need you an unbelievable play there you know playing on the rim then you know Don't and the game and tied and wine and with age and that empty not only as a team second line and no biggie Gordon and Championship JW MT Are the call Pirates take the lead on the three point play for Isaiah Whitehead noble with one last gasp infield Alcott is one of two get season halted few point lead now it's Arkadia can only fault what's up the emergency thought good win the big Don't get me with that when it the one one to get them link only dead they know then a lead seed Nola sixty-nine sixty-seven win over third ranked Bela noble Whitehead your Big East tournaments MVP after a twenty-six point performance side hard three guys that's difficult battle how did you continue to read Danville Nova's runs unit the duo points of them community Houston for your team personally the Dylan down the stretch what was your mentality is you were going up against the number three two movements.