Listen: "It made me think of Steph Curry"

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Award that's right actually made a comment about that the former a great coach and all that with that eligible for the Wooden Awards but there's another reporter Ben Simmons where he might signed a one hundred million dollar shoe deal somewhere in that neighborhood we're going to have Nike Adidas Under Armour all competing for his services right it made me think of Steph Curry why are we not receiving a steady diet of Steph Curry Under Armour commercials why Why Don't We have those on the one after another what are they doing why don't we have that you know how we had then dual and draft Kinzer knows commercials it was on almost every commercial break how do we not have any Steph Curry Under Armour commercials right now he is willing the NBA its rushing yet he's easily get a Windy of the P back-to-back envy piece I don't know to come up with a new commercial get the one with Jamie Foxx back on their I love that commercial It was a good one and Jamie Foxx and Steph Curry back there on those Under Armour commercial to get a better rotation brilliant though and striking when the iron's hot is the perfect opportunity now Steph Curry marketing your product well we have that at it I don't think there is a reasonable explanation now like they're hurting for cash it's not like they can't do it there's nope feasible way too the Italy could do it quite as advertised I eight seven seven ninety nine on Foxx is a phone number come up next we talk them college hoops with old Leake line with Ben Simmons out of the would Award chase who's going to take it home that's around the corner first though his what's trending atlanta college basketball teams ending their regular season today right now eighth right North Carolina is holding onto a seventy to sixty seven lead at Duke Carolina with the ball seventeen make at eighteen seconds to go seventh right Miami lost that Virginia Tech seventy seven sixty two Vasek was five in eight in conference and then won five straight down the stretch the Ohio Valley Conference Final is older and that's it.