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Here's What Donald Trump Supporters Have In Common

Dr. Michael Wagner

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people who were Trump supporters, more than anybody else in the electorate have a few things in common They base severely distrust the news media, they do not light politicians they do not like experts or elite sore academics, and they're very national was stick in there their views and you have to make America great again as a beautiful slogan for folks who are upset by the recovery and in there and their lack of participation minute, and you know fit all did fit the bill of these other kinds aspects that he's more than willing to talk about I think you have a thing is it people are so upset the politicians or Lisa subset are that someone out they're just saying they're all jerks throw, [Music] you know is is a refreshing message to sum, one eye at one of the things I'm thinking about actually mentor so getting your opinion on the Ceasar maybe a little out Sunday wheelhouse but of this inner play between, National Black Lives Matter movement and be ascendancy of Donald Trump do you see a relationship between those things, I