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How To Invest Long-Term Assets You Don't Immediately Need

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Chung Sung-Jun
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Fully overdue some of the things it's all about what is it that we're trying to accomplish get back to the original intent of what your investments are four investments no mean anything if you don't have any goals if you don't have any needs if you don't have any it you know we sometimes we see people to come in and they've got pensions and so security significantly higher than anything del ever spending their lifetimes they're spending like four or five grand a month in that got pensions of fifteen twenty yes i have seen that what's nice position to be in and they also have assets well that's because they don't spend any money how do you invest those assets however you walk out it's not going to make a difference in your life so what is this many really going to be doing for you it's going to be being left through the air is how should be path to the errors and so depending upon the investors temperament even though they know what's likely to be use for hopefully twenty years and it's not for them and their trying to grow out this can see negative numbers in that dictates one way or if they know they're just gonna never look at that they can be aggressive early aggressively but that's the hard one because almost anything we'll work the them you know ones are hate i've got up five hundred thousand are sunday twenty twenty five thousand year out of it a kid that's a fairly set way to do it i need five thousand about twenty five thousand set in stone ok with that we can work on that that it that the good teams dictate how to invest the money where is when you've got more money you know to deal with the goals our and a goal work well and thats true two to a certain extent although you know what once you decided that you want say you want the money that to work for your ears ok i mean you know it and it at some point at that point you got a look at a new gonna say well if i want to be from for the errors let's find out what tax regular end or let's let's find out what works best for them and it does become something of a.