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Welcome back to the morning show aaron abc news radio team thirteen am i am air michael zone boca and it's that time for our featured guess that's right eric advance award winning science writer that and he's rights on the depths of our mind body relationship investigate what our brains can lead our bodies to achieve in his latest book published by national geographic your brain's ability to deceive transform and he'll welcome to the show eric hey thanks for having me have that preceded absolutely okay let you know this because we don't have a lotta time with you and i have so many questions first of all you know we all are here the power of the mind and there's been so many subjects written on this this up conscious power of the mine hire consciousness of the mind and we're kind of everywhere and then you've got those that were here that but they just kind of are like i don't know about all that but you have worked with dolphin intelligence and closely college is as a scientist you have a degree and by apology you became an educator and then an environmental consultant you have a lot going on there you did some amazing the is share with this the things that you've done i mean the book i mean that i would say that i was mediocre slanted some really fun work with often back and the or the but i really my passion is really about you know as as a journalist and sharing some of these amazing ideas that the science is coming up with big every day yeah helping people understand how the things working how they can affect your life not really where i phone wound with you know with this giants is in a whole new land and and did book really it is the heart of that i would rating chris inside the kids we're going to the doctors and taught by eighteen years old and i was just fascinated with you know i sellada healing even the amazing things out the kid and i don't interested in and how about my that happened you know what was going on with with all of those with all those folks you know and and and turned others a really interesting linus night this time answer that question.