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Is Age Really Just A Number? Fifty Something Sharon Simmons Thinks So And She's In Better Shape Than You

Author and actress Sharon Simmons began competing in fitness and bikini contests when she was 49-years-old. Now in her late 50's she shares her secret on how to take 'aging' a little bit easier and make the most of life.

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"Never allow anyone to set you limitations, only you can determine that."

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You are someone who has taken a dream and pursued it wholeheartedly and and you've done it at an age when many people may have scoffed at you and we'd like to know how you might be able to share some of your secrets of what you've defined as aging well or taking that aging a little bit easier than many of us do? - Sure you know I'd like to ask the question, that I ask myself this, what is the one thing that you've always wanted to do or to try and you haven't? And so whenever I begin to ask myself, okay, so first it started out with fitness competitions, then I thought well I might enter a bikini contest, I mean being the oldest one on stage, that was fantastic. And then the next thing I've always wanted to at least audition for the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders, ever since I was in my early 20s, I was going to do it then and things just didn't work out and so I did that. I'd always wanted to compete in a mud run and so I called my daughter, I said let's do this and so I did that. So you kind of have to ask yourself what's that one thing that you've always wanted to do and then go with it. - And throw age out their door. - Yeah! Don't even think about age. - I think that's wonderful. - Well I think it kind of speaks to what you said and we have written down here, never allow anyone to set your limitations, only you can determine that, we like that. - Absolutely.