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Dealstruck CEO Ethan Senturia On Handling Mistakes 

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Where i could give a lot of other people foundation that i thought was going to spring weren't them and is a different kind of challenge and then to be boss as yeah and one of the executives and someone it was certainly you know there's like the number of issues that get to you is small but the severity of his hot exact once as the ceo coca cola eyes when that phone rings on here when you're on bell any is or a ever any good news you should never right never what your manager style tried to be leader is servant you know i played i think that was one of the first you know articles we raz college or something and i truly subscribe to it which is that the ceo may be on the top of the order chart but their truly it at that at the bottom of the company in reality in their job is to hunter's everybody else know that things that you know now you can expect other people to know that you just keep doing it because some you're here for them we're doing speier in form and connecting community month when orr's this is business rock stars on pavel brian ethan center is our guest ceo of deal struck you know when you get in the play that makes a mistake iu in their face another phase premi ninety one these guys tries to correct any wrong early the try to correct wrong early you know our company is not sixty sixty five people on so a lot of those sort of it errors or wrong decisions have been are identified by one of my managers i think the key for me is to use it as a learning opportunity to be able to take that and coach someone to do it better the next time i think i don't i never mind mistakes happening once but i minds and being repeated right right now you know line a mistake we don't like an confidence correct that's why interpretation that was your favorite though superhero caution favorite superhero i don't know much of a comical we know the superheroes i guess i like the energizer bunny it's not really superhero but i was in for chris ivory me you are now when i was look at he's going i'm going to go.