College Basketball

Listen: "It's going to be from March twenty sixth to the thirtieth"

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J Pat Carter
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There is some new it's going to be a New college basketball postseason tournaments this House stop really that's going to run in Vegas was sixteen teams the whole it's going to be from March twenty sixth of the thirtieth CBS's a part of it really we didn't lose some isn't CBS the main contributor of the year and suitable a turn yeah exactly stunned when you can jump on board with the should give us one shining moment every year strongest Jermaine so you got the what sixty eight sixty nine teams in this one when called does a given name no tall they just waiting for the casino sponsor yeah exactly me and proudly presents college basketball extravaganza with your hosts hard Cannone the Pablo major Charo a defender cold there just like I'm sure if it does sixteen teams not in the top one hundred utley but that's how they brand new blankly watch some really bad basketball come watch him bending will crowded champion in this tournament champion will be determined basketball Extravaganza often hoops started nine all coming we have this stuff I remember when I was a caught a was it his selections the CB I tournaments or something like that one of the team's I was there was covering was in the CB I tournaments and I was like y no to this active smallest of many are right but I can understand that put really I meet in ninety CB I and he is another one llega missing one more down this always put the ball in play memory money is with them all and you're like two hundred and four teams assist Neal big tournaments You Can You Can Play your way I pulled out of the postseason in college to everybody gets a tournaments everybody gets a game looks South Carolina won the end the en ninety in back-to-back years I know my own no piece of memorabilia from right not one I never won a sure even allows pitched a shirt none of that stuff didn't care ridiculous know you know the and they go all the MIT is the oldest turn OK yeah but it's not the term or a one two in this this year don't sell knew it would use to be what is it now it is a place where you go because you couldn't make one of the top sixty eight teams in the country you could make that field so you make this deal and Islanders no question when schools have banners no of two thousand and ninety champions yeah like Curry was on ye good luck with that it is the with dot com torrid college basketball even if you could be all the the small school's will get in just because they won their conference you're still like to what the forty of the best team in the country yeah that's right now that's right and now Vegas is this the sixteen team tournaments and now that we had all his new and so you're going to be somewhere in the you know he with a grain she this instance where like Southeastern AL se Missouri State goes you know like you know what we finish six in twenty three I guess we're going to go to Vegas try to pitch listen I've ever covered a lot of basketball tournaments and makes OK than I love going to biggest rebound small-time tournaments have been to win when it was laughed when the lack used to be there the mound West on the first started I was living in Vegas of the time that conference was created when I was in Colorado is covering Air Force and see issue and went out to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference tournament couple times so I love the biggest tournaments but I don't think I d into this I just could not do I could Duncan up for something like that can not be excited for something like that pose a local I don't think I do maybe just see college hoops maybe but I remember the NL West German used would be when to Denver and was in Denver for a couple years it was a mess whose bat because one of the things when you're these conference tournaments is you like to have an in a place where people kind of stick around a little bit because there's nothing worse when you haven't in a place where.