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Listen: At the story on that great college football game last night

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Ronald Martinez
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Thousand they brunch Ashland ember live just what the highway ninety nine i'm Seven thirteen set over the way more at the story on that great college football game last night here's Alex novel Adrian Nieto tell you gotta say the best relax the college football national championship game certainly with Doug so the billing yen how about former Bulldogs any Korean Bulldogs both playing a major role in securing the firs dynasty in the college football playoff era lane kid thin a new Bulldogs off into coordinator Eric isso I do just enough the be Clemson but it was Knicks savings gut following a Phil gold a tie the game a twenty-four dear I said he switched bit need of the game we play alongside care just got about then onside kid turned into a touchdown forty nine seconds later but Clemson over equate it Alabama needed another special teams play the help preserve ay fourth championship in the last seven years makes it gets the corner.