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Life Lessons For The Younger Generation From A 97-Year-Old Woman

Although visually impaired at age 97, Miss Grey was inspired to learn about computers through the facilities of The Chicago Lighthouse. Today, she continues to challenge herself, sharing her experience with younger generations.

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"The first thing is to appreciate what you have been given in life."

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What sort of advice would you give to young people and just people today in general who are now trying to figure out what they want to do with themselves? - The first thing is to appreciate what you have been given in life, and if you have been well cared for, or cared for by your parents or relatives, to appreciate it and give back to them, that's what I did. When my grandparents died and my aunts and uncles became old, I stayed in the family home and  helped them until they died. And didn't, even though I got married and had two children to raise, my husband, and I stayed there and cared for the elderly relatives until they all died. - What do you attribute your longevity to? - I think that if you don't do anything excessively, you can determine whether it's good for you or bad for you and just follow the path that gives you the most benefits, like I never really drank a lot, I belong to different organizations, clubs, and church, and sorority, and most of the activities that are offered today, I never did anything excessively.