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Talk Radio CEO Malini Bhatia: Why Most Marriages Fail 

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Joe Raedle
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Honors isn't that is marriage would tell me about what accompanied him so my hunch not comment about fight that provides exploit and fridays positive information and just to be saw says i'm average it really is you know of the four step for anybody who seeking information advice on marriage it's like you're confidant access to tight offense and it's special good for people who don't have resources to seek therapy and for those people who are not plenty to speak to that found the offense about issues that the having that match so it's a place where you can get advice and information on match with don pretty being just which is i feel like that it's huge opportunity capitalize on because of an honored member the most recent we're in california alone us the us the average divorce rate is about fifty percent marriage is sixty five percent for second time marriages and over seventy five percent divorce rate for third time you tops in nearly right and sell you guys are capitalizing on a huge opportunity you better than anyone up affiliate late so when you feel like is some of the underlying causes behind why marriages are selling if it was a huge thing that is on an island is now upfront and then i wanna know inspired but an suffers questions them i think lack of commitment i think impatient you know it's his have to give a time you've to be command and you have to keep in mind certain aspects of match that you need to be invested in so i think all people need to any given a shot and i think that that is that it in you need to be invested in nation ship for it to happen as he work hard people find merits dot com is it's something where you guys.