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What You Wear To Your Office Party Could Make Or Break Your Career. Here's What You Need To Know

Celebrity stylist, fashion expert and TV personality Eric Himel shares his advice on what you should consider when choosing your attire for your next office party.

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"Don't wear what you wear to the office, you want to hit the party still"

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What's good office party wear? Somebody said that you should only wear what you would wear at the office and you know, the guys in the room thought like no you're supposed to really you know, fox out, so what do you think? - It's one of the trickiest things that we have of anything because if you think about it, it can kind of make or break your career. It really kind of can because people remember it, combine that with some alcohol, a really bad recipe. - I know. - So I kind of agree with both of those comments. Don't wear what you wear to the office, you want to hit the party still. - Yeah. - You know you want to step it up but there's definitely like dont's and they're pretty like I think, you know. - Common sense? - Yeah common sense ones like you know, too much cleavage, things like that. Women think that Christmas for some reason and holidays like that you should be, I don't know where this came from, like kind of slutty. - You're trapped. - And I'm not quite sure and especially for you know, a holiday party so, you know they're still your peers, there's people who are probably going to be your bosses there so you want to elevate it. - Right. - And you want it to be festive still. - Right. - But really stay away from like the really short short dresses. - Right. - Especially combined with the really low cut, you know, with the really really. - Pick one or the other, is that usually a good thing? - Yeah. - Don't do both? - Yeah well definitely don't do both but I must say. - Or don't do either? - At an office party don't dress like a nun. - Yeah. - Just look festive and nice. I mean you know, just save it for your friends' parties where they don't care. - Right, or New Years Eve. - Or New Years Eve where people are always like dressed inappropriately.