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College Basketball

Listen: "North Carolina used a big second half to dispose of Providence eighty-five, sixty-six"

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Jim Rogash
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Out after seventy-seven sixty-nine victory over Boller in the Cavaliers will square off against fourth seeded Iowa State in the Sweet Sixteen the cycle owns bullets little rock seventy-eight sixty-one thanks to George Nguyen you poured in twenty-eight Carolina used a big second half to dispose of Providence eighty-five sixty-six twenty-one in ten for Bryce Johnson to see leads the Tar Heel will take on fifth seeded Indiana next week in Philadelphia the Hoosiers top Kentucky seventy-three sixty-seven Duke sought twenty-seven point lead cut down to three with under a minute to go the defending National chance survive seventy-one sixty-four winners over you know the Blue Devils await the winner Sunday's game between Oregon insane Jones finally got twenty-eight from Angel Rodriguez sixty-five fifty-seven winners over Wichita State Wiggins are the back in a Sweet sixteen for a second straight year after an eighty-two fifty-nine amount of third seeded.