Fascinating Facts About Dolphins' Brains (Yes, They Might Be More Advanced Than Us)

Susan Casey, author of "Voices in the Ocean: A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins" talks about research into dolphins' brains that suggests they possess very high levels of intelligence.

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it appears that they are coming that happens in large brains and it help, with proper thing like it it's good leaping cried for me as kind of a two person Turner on it it, very powerful it even look different it, it , it's Bigger and it you know awaited the shot large pocket of information around and it's been projected although that have coming to do with the anthem, entered of getting along in and re currently trying to cover that win in human when those, you're on their damage that, that plan, people, become part of it he go show and ten Ott, somehow managed the social contract anymore, he's a possible that dolphins may be even more Neurological E. advance and humans, well it this Yes I do think so I mean it's they're all of the different but of course there, John relief that we're we're Babe even the universe, berra they've been here longer than we have and, obviously been using their big brains a lot longer than we haven't had developed a lot of. Structure that are really fast anything I mean they haven't after low, Linda cut it dumb which is good, what really relate with me, like you know an emotional and, the Heat a feeling than empathy E.N. when trying to pick up to me that it could mean that they're emotional life even more complex on art, but there's a smart why aren't they capturing human send putting us in cages, I don't know so bad J.R., but it is hard to do that, he visited with scientists Lauri Marino at her lab that every University one aspect of dolphin the reality does she research, he does he does, he looked back in time to find out why of a legion eerily why is there, lie to think change because when Dolphins Bigger turnoff, that their lives on the planet as land animals win and they went into the locker and change completely would it with beautifully at Bradley learn how to apply, and they Kane's twelve and he wanted on know why the brain which was not in the beginning not much a big part of the Hammel, it got banded will the body night with everybody up and of course you know it but big evolutionary military button, in a lot of time people wondered but that have to do with the effort approximately you need for echo location and things like that, but it couldn't be that goal answer because spend of court bath would have the huge brain they are Colo. cape but he hasn't really taken the dolphin brain apart eating modern technology like M.R.I. computer monitor fee and D.L. so. With Bryant hit better when it kind of hit two, the nearest golf recognition with the Dolphins up and get coveted they are helpful where are they, make back cognitive lead him to look in the mirror and say hey you know about me, which of unusual Fran a molten they were the birth non primary B.C. to do that, is there Neal cortex similar to humans, and that's probably one of the most happening things about, their brains it's completely, protected completely different, so mode he'll cortex, how pick, think layers and Dolphins only have five, and the really fascinating part about that is that levelled the layer that their new thing is layer layer for which it in prime Ethan that's where they information comes in and it is it is, third integrated into the brain so we don't know where the information about coming in or how there, how they're profit thing it, and and it's not it's a different looking Neal quarterback our that, pick, and buried the puck it to keep it Brett is out there, argue that Baker but there's a lot more, area and have a lot more Konta Lucia even at d