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Listen: "Why did Fred Hoiberg wait until this past Sunday to have a team meeting"

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Maddie Meyer
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Again right now inside looking at good good that's with each in the win that's salute when I mean why why The trying to do this right now you know I mean let's get the let's get to draft pick that's what they need and I don't rusty or die hard you wanna Min in no matter what but no absolutely not this team needs to be totally shut down broken up and start from scratch and we need to do head wind up upfront and the office well you know I was just gonna say it's not that because I start but why didn't Fred Hoiberg wait until this past Sunday why did when I walk this is an amended or do we have to one hundred PM tilt also low and fall apart where they're gonna miss the playoffs work Lida fans are starting to figure that the media start provided situation I just don't understand it again shop clubs don't know and they didn't want to play for but Hoiberg I try to find a stepped up to be a culture shares and it watching what's going on I mean still a college coaches No Doubt about it then you know what believe he cared you need to be grateful out top but we're gonna culture Fred Hoiberg and maybe the players you know what you know there's a lot of blame to go around here of the situation at hand here they are started in place of basketball but the injury and Canada are still a large part of what has last year but guys are going to finish it number senate it could go out strong here but I don't playing great Toronto looking up oh fifty which For the first time in a career a lot more to like it wouldn't unit can make the playoffs when I got to play that's what LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers or get beat before games which is exactly the reason why i don't want them to make the playoffs I want him to miss the playoffs and then they have to make some changes then I wouldn't say in this from last two or three weeks I'll say it one more time a lot this team to miss the playoffs that will sat there will force Paxson and Foreman to make some changes on this team this team has got to be torn down and start over again so we'll see what happens one other one other back in our goal that start and yet other NBA note Doug Golden State beaten last night there fifty-four the game home winning streak come to an end the Boston Celtics beaten by three so Golden State falls do sixty-eight an eight on the season now is a continued go after that quest of breaking the Bulls record of seventy-two in ten but they lose last night Golden State will be in action again tomorrow night at home against Portland sup that's next up for us Steve Kerr screw they can still do know what note the final group games off with them I mean we're a week away.