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Listen: "Kobe Bryant, a one twenty-eight one nineteen loser in his final game to Memphis"

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Doug Pensinger
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Coming up next inbounds out of bounds right now the latest sports Update bogus which player fifteen fear Navy beat the Warriors last night one eighteen a one twelve the final in Miami drained Wade knows what happened over did enough no is this it was a great player Mason very plated in line to go ahead three with forty seconds to go forty-two point total for Steph Curry he Todd Kyle Korver is NBA record of three in Now one hundred and twenty-seven straight games Kobe Bryant they won twenty-eight one nineteen loser his final game to Memphis the Nuggets surprised the Clippers eighty seven eighty one and San Antonio over Sacramento won a wave ninety two college cheered for a five Xavier knocking off top-ranked Villanova ninety eighty three third-ranked Oklahoma dismissed Oklahoma State seventy one forty nine University of Tennessee football coach puts Jones issuing in angry didn't dial to a new him Edmund to the title nine loss to the school was facing that Amendment says Jones.