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Markets Show Uncertainty Over Upcoming Election

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Spencer Platt
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At the year point if you're w news time seven twenty for the philadelphia district attorney's office is preparing for the presidential election next tuesday more that game i w's john mcdevitt the da's office as an election fraud task force in place which was more than seventy assistant district attorney's and several doesn't detectives to address any concerns on election day d a sets williams to people do in fact feel anyway that someone is intimidating them you want in a car hotline six eight six nine six four one if anyone feels a they've they've still watching fraud does not all this talk that can be voting multiple times and stuff that has been our experience but anyone sees that you see it tells somewhat but never again two one five six eight six ninety six forty one and what if there's still a set the strike city commissioner lisa dealing with a very fortunate philadelphia that are polling locations for the most part i within walking distance already jumper devotee whatever you newsradio hit like w do stein seven twenty five now the him like w business report here's joni down it or of bloomberg business investors ignore the fed and improving pattern of dated a seventy s and p five hundred joe its seventh straight losses down fourteen points the average close below the key twenty one hundred level the dow lost its grip on eighteen thousand falling seventy seven points that has that last forty eight strategists blame a selloff on the apparent tightening in the presidential race are hogan of wonderlic securities that uncertain it's a been markets don't digest very well federal reserve policy makers wrapped up their november meeting telegraph thing they're intent to raise interest rates by saying they made some further evidence the economy is on track first raiders are putting odds of a december rate hike now at nyr eighty percent facebook's on video advertising in sales from instagram fuel of fifty six percent jump in third quarter sales topping seven billion dollars but year's fellow my trading then recovered shares if it bit drop thirty per.