Listen: "I mean if Al Davis were still live"

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Ezra Shaw
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You know there are so I mean if Al Davis are still live maybe drafted lack of second yeah you know tennis if you is about thirty pounds ever have your put up those numbers now you're talking about something special that combination will now you're maybe think it okay we have to consider this guy but been so small like is right I mean how many guys are five ten hundred seventy pounds in the NFL letter successor at the very least he could be a special teams behind about not about that some saying I mean he's going to get some consideration as a seventh-round GAA if you feel like you need to step up and ensure that he's in your can you know it takes the most likely start at painted her serve I know that's was are you going to get your Speier sense is up there was a time Phil what's being said about him and if you feel like there's competition for services and you're really want to mend here age and he signed this guy you know hope that the agents are on the ball enough right where they are but yeah you would you'd one aside by now I could market this guy well yeah you can unbelievable so four one nine with show again was add a regional this is an unofficial and a full combine it said regional combine for one nine forty faster than the scouting combine record to four two four by Chris Johnson alike you say back in the day I'm I'm pretty sure that not only Bo Jackson when I guess Deion Sanders also later today but I know what Boni give excellent story about that oh yeah was a strive for trackback is there we needed time to get it's time to vote for one six yeah up to it or he was four one three yeah F Joyner thirty pounds yet two hundred thirty pounds I mean I don't know that eleven how did it did ride to the Carolina Panthers is is a team that just missed out on an opportunity when he is su rol all of the thought that all yeah they'll be back or do they need some help as we head into free agency and the draft will tight.