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President Obama Awards His Last Presidential Medals of Freedom

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National fire officials say there are more than forty on contain large fires in the self covering a total of more than one hundred twenty thousand acres arson investigations are underway in georgia tennessee in north carolina and kentucky as official say more fires are being that lifts every everyday president obama yesterday awarding the nation's highest honor for civilian to twenty one actors musicians athletes and others everybody on this stage and it's touch me and a very powerful personal what the president says all twenty one honorees have inspired him including actors robert de niro robert redford to sully tyson and tom hanks should never travel with tom hanks you think about it you got pirates plane crash news in sports mister obama recognize basketball stars michael jordan and kareem abdul jabbar in musici honored singer diana ross and rock or bruce springsteen i'm the president he is the boston president also awarded the medal of freedom to bill in mullen to gates for filet and to be my a land design or the vietnam veterans memorial and others in science of public service boxes marlon the wilkes barre the border ball turkey talkline has been helping cooks for decades it used to be a simple toll free number that would dial up and get some help with your thanksgiving bird but now talkline spokesperson karen will sure says but a ball is all over social media and trash with a to four turkey of suggestions are facebook you can like us on their future retweet us on twitter and they're going to graham you can still call one eight hundred bball to get.