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Jay Leno On His Showbiz Friends

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Kevin Winter
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Nine mainland with that in one hand a little bit about you where your shoulder biz we have the highest all of his standout you could really be and standouts as opposed to somebody comedian i want to be in the fifth comments if somehow better than committing an update yourself that was the great thing about jordan store that was true stand up a meeting with his the movie could come thing but his lane playing words and you know in that it's just a different we're kind art form in oakland i guess it questioned him because i i i'm not as this of a liz calm makes always like the or see that's entre asked ryne reading about this but ott by the way brian reagan i think is one of the funniest guys all is right in the yeah he is terrific but when charlie sheen what had the way he was the highest paid the star of a sit calm and all these guys who worked for five ten fifteen years in clubs traveling around the country that must that made them crazy that charlie sheen in my opinion really doesn't have is not a stand up comedian and doesn't really have a sense of humor of guys on the a or b list and yet he's getting paid more money than any other comet well i don't think of sharlee is a common coming these the comedic actor the only not a comic con needed you know i don't like and signed now they had these shows that were designed around them and and they were at one point the highest paid you know comic innocent calm then it was charlie shane well you do well it doesn't really matter if i can ice knew this joke.