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Listen: Each day during the week we even starting shooting jumpers

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Coming up Sunday afternoon game number one be Seattle Seahawks visit the Minnesota Vikings Indiana talk little Seahawks with me to move who covers These Seahawks 40 Associated Press Tim I think it became a little bit of a surprise on Friday we heard all day long Marshall he's gonna play on Sunday but then late Friday may work comes out he's not gonna play because he pulled himself said he wasn't up to he wasn't ready go how much of a surprise was it to you guys covering the Seahawks no it was a big surprise to speak and as you know we had seen him take important everything all week you know he's a full participant in practice each day during the week we even starting shooting jumpers you know is ID indoor facility during Peacock Pete Carroll press conference After their final practice on Friday so it did it did come and as kind of a big surprise an you know is the talk today you know they don't come out and had a couple conversations today The same that you know he's kind a tweet something during practice on Friday and an that was what led to the decision comes for him not the travel you know it's it's it's a little surprising because Seattle typically have the pretty low key sort practice on Friday there's not one other more intense practices of the week so I don't know what exactly what led to that happening but it it definitely caught everyone a little off guard when that one word came down on Friday night to miss time show yesterday Seahawks to win three with Marshawn the wind up seven into without him six more points per game an about fifty yards more per game without beast mode in the wind up we simply say the Seahawks have learned to play without him yeah i i think I think they yes and no I I think I think they would love that have what he brings in the lineup especially with the kind of condition that they're gonna face tomorrow in the so that I mean they would love the be able have a guy who's going to run through you know they have the ability to run through be opposing defense NBA yards in a game where it's gonna be cold and I think we are very tough the comeback but you're right this team has figured.