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Listen: "More than not it maybe the washington huskies out of the pack twelve which would" COLLEGE PLAYOFF

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Pascal Le Segretain
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Nine six six three six nine if you wanna get in that way also was about to come back to get the some calls talk about the final four teams in the playoffs and if i got a right again i'm looking up a tv i'm looking on twitter i'm going through everybody's prediction i guess i'm just get ne inside gut feeling here that people are trying to push penn state into that fourteen playoff which means one teams got to come out and more than not it maybe the washington huskies out of the pack twelve which would absolutely just drive me body too i said wise should we we're worn ohio state him put bibber number two updating get to the conference championship or play the coverage ever job or when the conference championship why not go ahead of alabama number one washington to clemson three or alabama one clemson to washington three and then put ohio stated number for for not going to the conference champs are playing in that or winning in that and that's their punishment why reward damn if they didn't go that far i i don't this them why they get to be a number two and and be ahead of washington and clemson so that's another thought also will come back we'll take some calls ya by picks coming up at forty five past the hour no core marshall's were back in sixty seconds first all let's go and check out what's trending friends titles in college football for clemson and penn state note on the nba late game the warriors ripped phoenix golden state has now gone over a hundred regular season games without losing.