Prank Call: I Am Your Pokémon Go Nemesis, Give Back The Bulbasaur You Stole From Me

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hello, you have to connect speak to Kelly pleased , yes this, hello Kelly, I hope hurts my aim of Donald and Collin you because you and I are officially out war with each other and I plan to show you no mercy, he wasn't if try to finally meets U.N. person my name a fifth, I do I you know you have we ever would have before, , that's where if because I guarantee know exactly who I am, I don't know you and whiny and I don't know it is not making noise I'm laughing because you're trying like act like you don't know who the fans. I'm really don't have a clue who you are how wire left wide youth, right now I have put down, Louis models in different poke if stopped all over the city and you showed up each time and that Kuch emerging off Miler, what, call me about poking are going yep you recently stole the ball before for me and I would like it back, hawks what I went down a similar I put down from lower and you showed up and uses all my global for the other day, really of all time, how do you get my on the mound, because that's the internet is a wonderful thing and it's easy to find informational stupid, so here for what's going to happen you're going to stop merging of my Lou are no I am not eyes open for everyone as it with the ball this summer get a damper on what I was at the market and the put down some talk a little are in and you came and you stole my goal before, I think he did not know how did you could put the ball in difficult for that it's all here This Week fifteen, it's clear if we are you going to fiercely like unfold my poke it gives week of I bet you haven't even really kind of horribly up, notify scored with Didier, I don't even know who you are, you never mixed-use here, if there's the such a move because I just cold when him of Donald. I think there as I know you even know why under talking about an app on a phone used told mobile four for me the other day and you you gotten like inches the filling a rabid that for me, her, but it's hockey you've ridiculous are you serious he would you like an excuse me so I have a life, no seriously you know yet but it is not the life of my life I'm talking you right now if you could hear Heidi, and I hear it down and it's not like an awesome soft spoken on Hunter and my life hunting out of my life if collecting pluck him onto epic battles, yeah pop up, he's as they your life is collecting poking Monte epic battle yes and yes I don't Elias Yes I did you hear like Steph poaching other people for the were and not doing the work yourself, it's putting all the plug on it, hard day for work, hoping on the cooking, you don't get paid, have you ever done, off, have you ever had to poke him on for seventeen our straight, I know I have a job I had family to don't care what life isn't just playing poke him, Peterson, our he's the used such a noob, he did it, I've University in either day the other day I track determined their seventh straight mile, at that, I always played the best hockey punt block there, walkthrough. I think you've are finally acknowledging that power, but I'm making I kept thinking no matter if you had her all my own again I am calling a throwing to win that you hear may get yes segment then allowed yes yes that call me, okay yes but first can i tell you that has the prank phone call, so they don't call The Police, latest, I should come a tighter This is upright Folk off a don't call The Police, playing so call, but not really going to clinically knowing you know this is actually doable from brick enjoyable in the morning doing a fun tap on you, but that he here fiance just that you up, , he said that even playing poke among go non stop, and one amid a mess with you, a look at his, at it, there is the though when he didn't give got my mobile farm of that I wanna blow before back